Book Cover – “Comment Akouba Inventa l’Écriture”

The Book is coming out tomorrow! In the mean time, see the Final Cover right here! Check out more about the book: Akouba ̵

Book Illustration – “Comment Akouba Inventa l’Écriture”

“How Akouba Invented Writing” is the first Book I ever illustrated! This French book is a tale about a boy name Ak

Little Red Hood – Assignment

Who is Little Red Hood? Whenever I think about little red hood I always imagine her in the same way. The way she is usually de

New Website Announcement!

We have moved the original website to! The reason, as you might have guessed, is that I got mar

End of Year 2016 Cover For “The Young Galileo”

When Van Gogh Met Vader! Illustration for Young Galileo Weekly I was hired again by this great science & society magazine

I am Back!

After a long period of time without updating the website, I am finally back! Hope you like the new illustrations! Check out th

Illustrations For An Educational Workbook

I was very fortunate few months ago to be chosen to illustrate some parts of an educational workbook designed for schools to u

Book Week 2015 Cover For “The Young Galileo”

Recently I was hired (!) to draw the cover for the magazine ‘The young Galileo’. This is a monthly magazine for children a

Viber’s Sticky Fingers Competition 2015

Recently, I decided to participate in a competition organized by Viber to find a new character for their stickers’ collectio

Favorite Childhood Memory

During my search for a new theme to draw as a beginner, I found a great post by an illustrator named Dani Jones. The post cou