Book Illustration – “Comment Akouba Inventa l’Écriture”

“How Akouba Invented Writing” is the first Book I ever illustrated!

This French book is a tale about a boy name Akouba who lives in a village surrounded by nature:

Akouba - Village at Night Final

A long time ago, in a faraway land…

Akouba - Character Draft
Akouba – Character Draft

At that time, in this place where knowledge is passed on orally from generation to generation, children are suddenly not remembering anything they learned from the previous day’s teachings. Akouba is determined to find a way to remember!

So what will Akouba do? Find out in the book “How Akouba Invented Writing” (Comment Akouba inventa l’écriture! by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod)

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The Illustration Process…

The process of illustrating this book was very interesting. I have research and looked through many images, drawings and pictures, to get inspiration. Pictures of more ancient times of villages in Africa, South America and Mesopotamia… I looked on how the houses were built, and what the plants and trees look like.

Eventually I’ve looked at a lot of pictures of kids from Africa and India to give me some reference one how to draw the faces correctly. Since I am not familiar with Africa and the decision was made to locate Akouba’s village on this continent, it was very important to do a long and exhaustive visual research to get inspired.

Last year, after watching the movie Black Panther, I felt I regained motivation to complete the project that was delayed for many different reasons… I received renewed inspiration to illustrate clothes and their colors, looks and overall character attitude.
I drew a lot of kids, some villages, many many huts and countless trees and plants (soon to come in another post…)

Some of that work went into the book and some did not; but it was an incredible experience, a formidable opportunity and more than anything a drawing playground for me.
I want to thank Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod for giving me the chance to fulfill that life long dream.

Some of the final illustrations

I publish here in a ‘worldwide exclusivity‘, some of the final illustrations that you will find in the book…

Get the Book!!!

Akouba’s book is coming out on May 23rd, 2019! The price is only €13,50!
As soon as the cover is officially revealed I will make sure to write about it right away!
Update May 22nd: Check out the Cover here!

If you speak french I honestly believe you will find it is one of the most interesting stories you will be able to read to your children. And if you don’t I truly hope you can appreciate the Illustrations and wait for the translation! Of course I will update here when a date is chosen for the book to come out in English or other languages.

On the publisher’s website, you can select on the right sidebar the platform you wish to order the book from… You also have the French Amazon!

how to buy Akouba

Stay tuned for more about Akouba 🙂
If you have any question or just want me to illustrate your book, you know where to contact me!! (→ here)