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Tali Ebrard

Thank you for visiting my official website. Here are just a few words to shed a light on my journey to becoming an illustrator…

My childhood was rather quiet despite having 4 brothers & sisters. I was the youngest and they were all busy with their own worlds. And it was in books that I found my own fascinating world at that time. I used to visit the library every week, and books took a big part in my life. I spent a great deal of time reading and would often find myself grabbed by the drawings: observing, detailing, enjoying…

The flow and simplicity of the lines, the way they manage to capture an expression or a feeling. Works from Eitan Kedmy or Dani Kerman come to my mind as major influences, respectively for their honesty or comedy.

Favorite Childhood Memory
Favorite Childhood Memory

In class, I was the kid drawing all the time. At home, I was the little sister doing her older brother’s Art Class assignments… Later on I studied Interactive design at the “Ascola Institute of Design”, then went on to work full time as a graphic designer in leading newspaper websites, such as “Haaretz”, “TheMarker”, “ynet” and “Walla!”.

However, the passion to draw was always there in the background and now I want to put it in the front.

I draw with pigment ink pens and Copic markers. Sometimes I choose to use color pencils or watercolors to be able to play on renditions according to the subject. I usually then scan the sketches or the fully colored versions, and admit to benefit from my experience in Photoshop for further coloring and editing. I guess you can call it mix media.

Manual drawings always intrigued me: searching for slightly random and non-synthetic lines. This fits with the situations and characters I like to draw. The way the line is affected by the hand that drew it and how the material responds to the strokes.

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Update May 2nd 2019: The Book I illustrated is coming out soon! Read all about it!

“Comment Akouba Inventa l’Écriture” (“How Akouba Invented Writing”)
It’s coming out on May 23rd, 2019! The price is only €13,50!
Check the latest blog post about the book and the full gallery of selected samples…
See how to get the book here.