New Website Announcement!

We have moved the original website to!

The reason, as you might have guessed, is that I got married, admittedly some time ago, but it was now time to make the digital change.

I started to illustrate and sign my work with my maiden name back in 2015 just after my wedding, but since I had decided to take my husband’s name, the existence of both names was not making much sense as time went by.

Many more illustrations will be added, as well as the stories behind the first book I ever illustrated! All I can say for now it that it will come out in France in May 2019…
Stay tuned!

Update May 2nd 2019: The Book I illustrated is coming out soon! Read all about it!

“Comment Akouba Inventa l’Écriture” (“How Akouba Invented Writing”)
It’s coming out on May 23rd, 2019! The price is only €13,50!
Check the latest blog post about the book and the full gallery of selected samples…
See how to get the book here.