My Two Best Friends

Here is an attempt to draw my two best friends and I when we were kids.

The likeness was not my priority here. I was rather playing with the sketch to depict the way I feel about our friendship. To be honest, it is not very close from how we used to look like. But in essence, our three characters are very well portrayed here and I am so pleased with the result!

Surprisingly the work was very natural and fast. So much so that the sketch became the final work. I guess they inspired me!

The technique used integrates water-color pencils and a black ink pen as shown below:

Quick Tip that I learned when I chose to try water-color pencils, is to choose 3 base colors. For each of the base, get a light version and a darker version. I am new to this, so don’t quote me on that tip, but it worked for me. I love this sketch!